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[Cracked] Various Posts

by Aaron April 20, 2016
Here are some things I’ve written for 7 Things The Garfield Movie Got Completely Wrong The Ramifications Of Milo On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher‘ Why You Won’t Be Able To Trust Anything You See Or Hear Soon 9 readmore
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[Someecards] various posts

by yair January 20, 2016
I wrote a bunch of internet stuff things for Someecards. Enjoy! This model’s Instagram account is full of photos of her piece of sh*t boyfriend. An entire airplane sh*t on this girl’s sweet 16. What an honest resignation letter to readmore
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[College Humor] TV Medical Flowchart

by yair January 19, 2016
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[WSJ] Toil and Trouble in Delaware

by yair January 19, 2016
An article I wrote for the WSJ way back when. readmore
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