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[Cracked] Various Posts

by Aaron April 20, 2016
Here are some things I’ve written for So Are We Allowed To Just Punch Nazis Now? It’s Complicated Black Sails Is Being Advertised By Insanely Dumb People Apparently There’s A 7 In The AM? 5 Horrid But Useful Habits readmore
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[Someecards] various posts

by yair January 20, 2016
I wrote a bunch of internet stuff things for Someecards. Enjoy! This model’s Instagram account is full of photos of her piece of sh*t boyfriend. An entire airplane sh*t on this girl’s sweet 16. What an honest resignation letter to readmore
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[College Humor] TV Medical Flowchart

by yair January 19, 2016
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[WSJ] Toil and Trouble in Delaware

by yair January 19, 2016
An article I wrote for the WSJ way back when. readmore
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